Mina de Malfois (mina_de_malfois) wrote,
Mina de Malfois

I seem to do this with depressing regularity.

Places Mina can be found:
At her JF account;
her never-used-until-now greatestjournal;
and at her insanejournal. Tuesday's update will be available at all of those locations.

And for more general keeping-in-contact purposes, there's the Mina page. That has links to all the other Mina pages.

Mina can also be reached at at Facebook;
and can be seen, very infrequently, at WordPress;
and, if all else fails, there's her MySpace page.

This will soon cease to be a paid account. Please do not bother buying any more paid time for it. A free account is perfectly adequate for all Mina-ing purposes.

ETA: A couple of important links, thanks to my flist:
leavin_eljay will help you get a JournalFen account, and Welcome2jf will help you settle in once you're there.
fandom_flies will, with any luck, keep our fannish connections intact as we move.
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