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Concordia discors
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in Mina de Malfois' LiveJournal:

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
11:32 am
Just a reminder for anyne who wants to be archived
If any of you who've created Minaverse fics want to be archived for posterity you need to contact this guy to give him permission:

Jeremy Brett, C.A.
Assistant Professor and Processing Archivist
Cushing Memorial Library and Archives
Texas A&M University
5000 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-5000

(979) 845-1951
Monday, August 26th, 2013
8:39 pm
I'm copypasting this comment here so no one misses it who might want to be archived.
More word from TAMU
posted by [personal profile] jwbrett1 at 07:52pm on 19/08/2013
Dear Mina,

Hi! It’s been a while since we exchanged e-mails, but I wanted to let you know that here at Texas A&M we’re starting to move forward on actually building the Mina de Malfois Archive, where (hopefully) all the products of the Minaverse can live forever. I think I managed to make the rest of the team that will be working on this pretty excited – we’d already been working on archiving digitized fanzines, so they understood something about fannish culture already, but they all really had a ball with the meta nature of the Minaverse.

As we proceed, I’ll be happy to give you periodic updates, and of course I’ll let you know when the whole thing is ready to go. Obviously we won’t archive anything for which we don’t have permissions, so if you want to…um…gently encourage writers to get in touch with me and let me know that they’re OK with this project, I would deeply appreciate it.

Oh, I did have a quick question – I’m trying to get something like an exact number of MDM stories. Do you know, offhand, how many stories the Mina corpus has in total?

Thanks, Mina! I really love your work and I’m glad we have the chance to create a permanent digital archive for it.

Take care,
Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
9:13 am
Mina de Malfois and the Fandom Preservation Project
By now some of you will already know about the archive at Texas A&M University (TAMU) including Minaverse stuff in its "Digital Repository." Having finally remembered how to log in, I just thought I should make sure everyone knows *I* know, and approve and all.

So, yeah. It's come full circle; I can only assume Arc is somehow behind this project.
Thursday, December 16th, 2010
7:49 am
Mina is away from the internet until mid-2011.
If you're looking for the Mina stories, they can be downloaded for free at lulu.com.

Season one: http://www.lulu.com/product/file-download/mina-de-malfois-volume-one/3218978

Season two: http://www.lulu.com/product/file-download/mina-de-malfois-volume-two/2657204

Season three: http://www.lulu.com/product/file-download/mina-de-malfois-volume-three/12442745
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
2:34 pm
3.12 Mina de Malfois and the End of Summer
Warning: [info - personal] mina_de_malfois is an affectionate satirical examination of online fandom. Some readers may not share this sense of humour; reader discretion is advised. [info - personal] mina_de_malfois is for entertainment purposes only; [info - personal] mina_de_malfois neither attempts nor achieves any notable degree of accuracy, and should therefore not be used as a source of information, let alone a reason to reinforce, say, glaring homophobia and gender biases.4.1

Mina de Malfois and the End of Summer (part one)Collapse )

1. I bet Why Jensen Ackles Matters: A Study in Fiction and Meta was on the reading list.

2. Twilight fandom at work: fanfiction for sale on Amazon, as reported by Dunc on Club Jade.

3. And again with the Twilight fandom: fanfiction for sale on eBay, as reported by Caito. N.B. that as far as I can tell, most Twilight fans don't attempt to trample over copyright. Right?

4. Unlike the average market observer or academic she was able to view a frank discussion where those involved were unaware that they were being observed by a researcher.
"I thought at first it might be unethical," she said. But that problem was answered for her by one fan who wrote: "This is a public forum and everyone in the world can read it."

4. 1. It'd be soothing to think outsiders had gotten a clue, but then there's the massive research fail of RULE 34: WHAT NETPORN TEACHES US ABOUT THE BRAIN, explained in many eloquent posts by many fans.

5. Don't worry: this isn't a link to That Wiki, it's a link to a fan's Bebo page--but if you scroll down, you find one of those all-too-familiar comments. Can anyone help edit the Coronation Street article on Fan History? It is an introduction to the history of the fandom, containing a timeline of events, information on fandom fights and more. Needs some bulking up to make it more accurate.
Thanks for any help you can provide in improving the article!

Also strangely hilarious is this foray into the Coronation Street blog; note the first comment is from someone familiar with That Wiki...

6. Fanfiction, not necessarily sub-par, can be found here.

7. C'mon: Liarla? Seriously?
Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
5:10 pm
As you may have noticed, I haven't posted a June update.
This, dear readers, is because RL events have been eventing at a pace that's left my actual, real-world self somewhere beyond exhausted. June's update, at this rate, will be lucky if it gets itself done by August. D:

I have, however, found time for a spot of non-con f/f erotica. Well, I mean, really: who doesn't have time for a little noncon f/f, am I right? (No, this isn't Minaverse, except insofar as the next update will briefly mention it.)

So as a peace offering, I've thrown it up as a free download, available via Mina's lulu shop. It's the last item listed there, and for the love of your wallet make sure you download it for free as opposed to paying lulu.com for few pages of erotica.

It's been beta'd by some long-suffering Clives; any remaining errors are my own. Also it contains explicit nonconsensual sex, and I hope you'll take that warning seriously, as it took me all of ten seconds to type it. Not that I'm trying to make a point here or anything.
Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
12:33 pm
Kissing Cousins
[Note: I owe scifantasy for suggesting the Baldur/mistletoe myth, amy_star_ for reminding me of the Magic Box Of Hair Metal Cassettes and for making me write a closing paragraph, ap_aelfwine for the codpiece, and, as always, The Clives for turning this from me-ese into readable English.
Also, this post is being left unflocked so I can show it to a couple of people who wouldn't otherwise see it; apologies in advance to any puzzled Supernatural fans who may note Occult is a bit...familiar.]

Title: Kissing Cousins
Fandom: Occult
Author: Anon
Disclaimer: These characters and settings belong to their creator, not the author of the fanfiction, and Princely Plots disclaims all responsibility for copyright infringement.
Warnings: Some readers have pointed out that this sounds like slash, and therefore has no place in the PP archive, but a careful reading shows that all events are necessitated by the plot, so we're letting it stand. Also, it is canon that Jab sometimes wears a magic codpiece. ~Warr1or

Kissing CousinsCollapse )
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
2:03 pm
This isn't an update!
Just wanted to make sure you knew that.

*sigh* I won't go into this in any detail, but for those of you who already know what I'm talking about: does anyone remember offhand if any of my footnotes link to a site I would prefer they not link to? (Wow, way to achieve clarity there, self.)

Off the top of my head I don't remember, and a quick skim-through is showing me nothing.

I don't actually expect any of you to remember if I don't, but if you DO ever, at some point, notice a link fitting this admittedly-vague description, could you let me know?

Those of you who have no idea what I mean...oh, lucky you. Just think of it this way: Mina's author doesn't stick people's real names or addresses or places of employment in Mina's footnotes, and she wants to make sure she isn't helping anyone else do that. Also, she's very pretentious, so she talks about herself in the third person a lot and then can't work out how to stop.
Friday, August 3rd, 2007
11:59 am
I seem to do this with depressing regularity.
Places Mina can be found:
At her JF account;
her never-used-until-now greatestjournal;
and at her insanejournal. Tuesday's update will be available at all of those locations.

And for more general keeping-in-contact purposes, there's the Mina page. That has links to all the other Mina pages.

Mina can also be reached at at Facebook;
and can be seen, very infrequently, at WordPress;
and, if all else fails, there's her MySpace page.

This will soon cease to be a paid account. Please do not bother buying any more paid time for it. A free account is perfectly adequate for all Mina-ing purposes.

ETA: A couple of important links, thanks to my flist:
leavin_eljay will help you get a JournalFen account, and Welcome2jf will help you settle in once you're there.
fandom_flies will, with any luck, keep our fannish connections intact as we move.
Saturday, July 21st, 2007
2:37 am
Spoilerific. Meta.
[Again: if you don't want to be spoiled for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, don't scroll down or click the lj-cut or anything. Mina's essay contains, along with a lot of fake-facts, some trufax spoilers.

This is a public post; please do feel welcome to link to it. It's meant to be an amusing and tongue-in-cheek look at fanon, and is not intended to bash anyone.]

Warning: My betas have told me that this essay contains possible spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I don’t even see how that’s possible, unless this J.K. Rowling person has been ripping off The Tortured Tutor, but just in case you’d better not click if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Title: The Dark Schoolmaster: Chavalrous or Chivalrous? A Prince’s Mirror of Aspiration.

Fandom: The Tortured Tutor series

Acknowledgments: I am, as always, deeply indebted to the Clives for their input and feedback, and for their research skills. This couldn’t have been written without them. A handful of them deserve writing credits, really, although they seem reluctant to claim credit. They’re sweetly modest that way.

The Dark Schoolmaster: Chavalrous or Chivalrous?Collapse )
Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
4:56 pm
Minaverse Fanon
I’m sure most of you are well aware of the official fanon list (which, in case you wondered, any Minaverse thing you create and care to share can be added to--just drop a comment to that entry). You’ve also probably seen the copy of that list at JournalFen.

Unfortunately, the JournalFen list still links back to eljay, because as far as I’m aware most of the Minaverse things are posted on eljay. In the interest of backing-things-up-just-in-case, I’m going to try to edit the list to link to any copies-that-exist-elsewhere.

So. If you have Minaverse stuff posted elsewhere, and you’d like it added to the fanon list, drop a link to whichever site applies:

the JournalFen list;

the InsaneJournal post;

the GreatestJournal post.

Also, there is an as-official-as-we-get-around-here Minaverse Archive (I’ll be putting up all of season one as soon as I have time, and eventually I’ll put up season two). Feel free to make use of that.

As you may have noticed, we're all very Creative Commons-ish here in the Minaverse. My Internet Lawyer* backs me up in that. So, you know...linking back to things and inter-linking other things is Of The Good. Credit each other, and stuff.

*Not actually a lawyer. Not yet, anyway.
Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
2:05 pm
Contact Info
I’m sure by now many of you will have seen this Fandom_Wank report. [Short version: LJs with certain interests are being deleted. LJ is not distinguishing between actual criminals and, for example, fanfiction groups or RPG villians. A running tally of deleted journals is here. femmequixotic's entry is here.]

The Minafics can also be found at her JF account, or at her never-used-until-now greatestjournal. Of course, you can also always contact me at mina_de_malfois@yahoo.com. If you're looking for me, try either of those locations; I'm avoiding LJ for now.

I am not terribly impressed at SA's willingness to delete fanfiction communities, literature discussion groups, RPG character journals and even, reportedly, abuse victims' personal journals without first informing the owners of the problem and advising them on how to avoid deletion. I am even more distressed that this may well be happening because some outside vigilante group have pressured them.

That said, I'm not certain about the future of my own LJs. I'm certainly not comfortable upgrading to permanent accounts now; I'm extremely reluctant to even continue with my paid accounts. I won't be 'gifting' anybody with LJ goods-&-services until this is sorted out, and I ask you all to please refrain from buying me any time on LJ.

ETA: You might also want to go get counted. fandom_counts is set up just to get a headcount of fans on lj.

ETA some more:
An open letter to Warren Ellis. The letter is made of win; Mr. Ellis at this point, not so much.

BoingBoing, complete with Warren Ellis backing off somewhat from his previous suckage. And, you know, looking at the page of nutcases he was sounding off in support of. Smooth. But his revised stance deserves respect.

This in from Livejournal: STFU, volunteers, UR MAKING US LOOK BAD.
Monday, January 29th, 2007
11:45 pm
Shopping Links
Belladonna Dolls: Handmade dolls of all sizes, made to order. Models based on both fictional characters and original designs available.

Phantom Phantasies: Four short stories inspired by Gaston Leroux' Phantom of the Opera.

The Basilisk Café at CaféPress: TBC's official Slythershop.

4Christina CaféPress shop: The 4Christina shop with lots of storm merchandise (photos taken by Christina Hall).

Slash...Because CaféPress shop: Lots of delicious slash merchandise.

And Shine Heaven Now CaféPress shop: Tie-in merchandise for the Hellsing-and-other-anime fancomic And Shine Heaven Now.

the MDM Fanshop: Products for the Mina de Malfois series, including art by Mina fan artists. Currently featuring art by mutecornett, used with permission.
Sunday, June 25th, 2006
2:35 pm
Things I Absolutely Love and Simply Must Rec
Just to reiterate: Minaverse fanfiction and fanart has the author's full support. If you'd like yours linked here, just drop me an email or a comment.

1. cesario has written At Her Grace’s Behest. Part two is here.

2. mutecornett has drawn Mina.

3. dreamer_marie has written Resting On His Muscled Shoulder.

4. narcissam has written a Mina entry for the fandom wank wiki. Thanks to jabberwockypie for pointing that out, and rickybuchanan for telling me how to find out who's authored a wiki entry.

5. tmartian42 is keeping The List of characters roaming around outside of the stories. I approve wholeheartedly, though it is a tad disturbing to see how many innocent people (the real ones, that is) have accounts that fit in. I can only hope they're pleased by the accidental inclusion, rather than appalled, if they ever find out about it. (Sadly, I don't own or operate any of the in-character sockpuppets. I do love them, though, and applaud their creators.)

6. invidereliana runs mdmfans for all your icon and discussion needs. Footnotes can be found there sometimes.

7. temaris, who contacted me about this a while back, has podcasts available at her livejournal:
Snailmail Affair
Charitable Impulse
Young Blood
Twee Little Maids.

8. euqen has written Something Simple, Something Sleazy and I Left My Body Lying Somewhere.

9. liz_darkheart has written Fear and Fascination and the Courtly Dance, which are Sanguinity fanfiction.

10. gnatkip has created a sampler like the one Mina wants to make.

11. thedorkygirl has written the Contender.

12. The romantic Kadorienne has written Midnight Oil.

13. wminstrel has written and performed 'Sanguinity.'

14. vuirneen has posted a copy of her semi-private email to me, which I’m sure you’ll all find instructive. Really, the things that go on at cons are outrageous, aren’t they? Too Many Minas Spoil the Con is a warning to us all.

15. grey_bard has written A Paen to Sanguinity (a song) by RavenKelVamp. Or maybe I should say “RavenKelVamp has written...”

16. A missing scene, courtesy of tmartian42.

17. kyuuketsukirui has written Dream Diary, and the tone and characterization are perfect, if I do say so myself.

18. If you have a close look at Chapter Ten of rose_and_lizard's wonderful Marlowfic, Term of Duty, Miranda's aunt might look familiar to you.

19. jackiejlh has written an untitled Mina story (which should be read just after the first installment of 2.7, Brides of Fictionstein, if you're reading these in order). Part two is here, and part three is here.

20. Nocturne has written Arc/Mina/Xena: Rainy Monday.

21. scifantasy's Case Study provides a fascinating look behind-the-scenes. Check his journal for further Case updates.

22. expectare has written a Nancy Drew/Minaverse crossover: The Mystery at the Adjectival Library.
Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
3:10 pm
The DeMina Code
ETA (4 August 2007):
This journal no longer friends people back.

Mina can be located via this page, or look for Mina at JournalFen, InsaneJournal, or GreatestJournal. Mina would be delighted to friend people at any of those locations.

ETA (21 June MMVI): According to the numbers, this journal is reaching the end of its capacity to "friend people back." At any time when the friendslist is hovering around 700+, your best bet might be to go read the stories at minions_de_mina, or look for Mina at JournalFen.

* * *

By now, some of you have probably guessed that the mina_de_malfois stories encode secrets about the nature of human existence which could topple entire governments and monetary systems, and that the Vatican, the Shriners, l’Académie française, We’re Standing Strong, the e-Masons and the Bilderberg Group are among those working together to conceal this information.

Most of you, on the other hand, have figured out that the mina_de_malfois stories exist to poke gentle fun at the foibles of fandom. You may, in fact, be floating theories as to which bits refer to whom, or to which events, or which fandoms.

This post is open to comments from anyone wishing to discuss that, or construct elaborate conspiracy theories, or settle the PB/J or PB/P question once and for all. By the way, elucreh deserves a shout out for not only noticing the PB/J thing, but for being the first publicly declared PB/P shipper. Shine on, you crazy booters.


1. Yes, most of the posts will remain friendslocked.

2. If you have intensely secret secrets in your friendslocked posts, and are morally opposed to sockpuppets and reading-journals, you can read these stories elsewhere.

3. This shouldn't need spelling out, but these stories are meant to be mildly amusing. If you find them upsetting, or think they're "all about fandom infighting," the sensible thing to do would be to stop reading them and defriend this journal. It's just a writing journal: no one will feel rejected if you drop it, honest.

4. Divers rumours are reaching me about who I might be, if you follow that, so I'd like to make one small request of you all: please make sure, if you're accusing people of being Mina, that your guesses aren't annoying the people, okay? Mina hunting is a good, clean sport in season, and very entertaining, but I don't want anyone feeling harrassed or being trolled. This journal is meant to amuse people, not annoy them. Play safe, is all I'm saying, and don't pester people.

5. Presumably you are competent to decide for yourself whether you want to friend a journal or join a community. Friending this journal and then complaining that the author made you friend it is just stupid. I am not going into people's homes and forcing them to friend a ficjournal or join a community. I realize everyone's mileage varies as to the limits of "personal responsibility," but it doesn't vary that freaking much.
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