Mina de Malfois (mina_de_malfois) wrote,
Mina de Malfois

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted a June update.

This, dear readers, is because RL events have been eventing at a pace that's left my actual, real-world self somewhere beyond exhausted. June's update, at this rate, will be lucky if it gets itself done by August. D:

I have, however, found time for a spot of non-con f/f erotica. Well, I mean, really: who doesn't have time for a little noncon f/f, am I right? (No, this isn't Minaverse, except insofar as the next update will briefly mention it.)

So as a peace offering, I've thrown it up as a free download, available via Mina's lulu shop. It's the last item listed there, and for the love of your wallet make sure you download it for free as opposed to paying lulu.com for few pages of erotica.

It's been beta'd by some long-suffering Clives; any remaining errors are my own. Also it contains explicit nonconsensual sex, and I hope you'll take that warning seriously, as it took me all of ten seconds to type it. Not that I'm trying to make a point here or anything.
Tags: erotica, f/f
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