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Minaverse Fanon

I’m sure most of you are well aware of the official fanon list (which, in case you wondered, any Minaverse thing you create and care to share can be added to--just drop a comment to that entry). You’ve also probably seen the copy of that list at JournalFen.

Unfortunately, the JournalFen list still links back to eljay, because as far as I’m aware most of the Minaverse things are posted on eljay. In the interest of backing-things-up-just-in-case, I’m going to try to edit the list to link to any copies-that-exist-elsewhere.

So. If you have Minaverse stuff posted elsewhere, and you’d like it added to the fanon list, drop a link to whichever site applies:

the JournalFen list;

the InsaneJournal post;

the GreatestJournal post.

Also, there is an as-official-as-we-get-around-here Minaverse Archive (I’ll be putting up all of season one as soon as I have time, and eventually I’ll put up season two). Feel free to make use of that.

As you may have noticed, we're all very Creative Commons-ish here in the Minaverse. My Internet Lawyer* backs me up in that. So, you know...linking back to things and inter-linking other things is Of The Good. Credit each other, and stuff.

*Not actually a lawyer. Not yet, anyway.
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