Mina de Malfois (mina_de_malfois) wrote,
Mina de Malfois

The DeMina Code

ETA (4 August 2007):
This journal no longer friends people back.

Mina can be located via this page, or look for Mina at JournalFen, InsaneJournal, or GreatestJournal. Mina would be delighted to friend people at any of those locations.

ETA (21 June MMVI): According to the numbers, this journal is reaching the end of its capacity to "friend people back." At any time when the friendslist is hovering around 700+, your best bet might be to go read the stories at minions_de_mina, or look for Mina at JournalFen.

* * *

By now, some of you have probably guessed that the mina_de_malfois stories encode secrets about the nature of human existence which could topple entire governments and monetary systems, and that the Vatican, the Shriners, l’Académie française, We’re Standing Strong, the e-Masons and the Bilderberg Group are among those working together to conceal this information.

Most of you, on the other hand, have figured out that the mina_de_malfois stories exist to poke gentle fun at the foibles of fandom. You may, in fact, be floating theories as to which bits refer to whom, or to which events, or which fandoms.

This post is open to comments from anyone wishing to discuss that, or construct elaborate conspiracy theories, or settle the PB/J or PB/P question once and for all. By the way, elucreh deserves a shout out for not only noticing the PB/J thing, but for being the first publicly declared PB/P shipper. Shine on, you crazy booters.


1. Yes, most of the posts will remain friendslocked.

2. If you have intensely secret secrets in your friendslocked posts, and are morally opposed to sockpuppets and reading-journals, you can read these stories elsewhere.

3. This shouldn't need spelling out, but these stories are meant to be mildly amusing. If you find them upsetting, or think they're "all about fandom infighting," the sensible thing to do would be to stop reading them and defriend this journal. It's just a writing journal: no one will feel rejected if you drop it, honest.

4. Divers rumours are reaching me about who I might be, if you follow that, so I'd like to make one small request of you all: please make sure, if you're accusing people of being Mina, that your guesses aren't annoying the people, okay? Mina hunting is a good, clean sport in season, and very entertaining, but I don't want anyone feeling harrassed or being trolled. This journal is meant to amuse people, not annoy them. Play safe, is all I'm saying, and don't pester people.

5. Presumably you are competent to decide for yourself whether you want to friend a journal or join a community. Friending this journal and then complaining that the author made you friend it is just stupid. I am not going into people's homes and forcing them to friend a ficjournal or join a community. I realize everyone's mileage varies as to the limits of "personal responsibility," but it doesn't vary that freaking much.
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